Sunday, July 1, 2007

I raise my cucumber by planting them near the fence...then the vines climb the fence and the cucumbers hang down like this. I got that idea from two places--I think Victory Garden has shown the idea of planting vines with upright supports.

Also, my former boss always told the story of someone one in his childhood hometown that raised pumpkins by growing them up a tree...they would get so big he would have to wire a bushel basket to hold the weight. My boss just could never get over it...

Guess you can tell I have my camera back! I was so excited to get the kids home that I could not sleep Friday night. My daughter knows me well--she got me 4 books from/about Alaska:
1. A Schoolteacher of Old Alaska...The Story of Hannah Breece I have read this one but will read again.
2. No End In Sight: My Life as a Blind Iditarod Racer
3. Alaska's Wolf Man: The 1915-55 Wilderness Adventures of Frank Glaser ( I have wanted this book for a LONG time.)
4. The Best of Robert Service (his poem The Spell of the Yukon is my favorite of all time. )

On top of that my DH has been having problems with his diabetes. Then he got something in his eye and we had to go to the doctor yesterday to get that removed. It has not been a fun time around here.

His sugar just is not coming under control...he has not been eating right for sooo long. I think yesterday was the first day he didn't eat too many carbs. I really don't know what to expect.