Thursday, October 29, 2015

5 things...

Trying to think and do the Willy Nilly Friday mind is not all here these days.
I had a post for Good Fences over at my other blog and totally forgot to link till late in the day and by then Someone had linked for me!

1.  Lorelei is still here but not for too much longer.  I will be totally lost without her presence.  She is a bright and shining star!
2.  Did you ever see anything more beautiful than the above?  Well, I guess I have, too, but this is sure among the top in a list of beautiful things.
3.  Though I may not be busy, Roger has been.  He is making these three knives for a friend.  They will have the handle like this one.  Only the paracord used is a bright, chartreuse green/black.

4.  The biggest part of crops are in, and a lot of the ground is being prepared for whatever comes next.
This big guy is the one in the middle above.  They are out at the strip pits.  These were taken a week ago.

5.  Just a couple more from the drive home that day.  I don't know if you can tell, but this is a red brick road above.  Below, not so much.
I couldn't resist the tree though...

Leaving you with a little Neil Young