Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hard to see but look anyway

These are hard to see, but click and take a look anyway. The top photo is a birds nest....a cardinal's nest, in fact. And below is a not so good photo of one the pair of cardinals that have the nest.
The other day, one of the cats was wanting in...I opened the door to let it in and heard this chirp, chirp, chirp from a bird. I opened the door wider and there on the swing sat a cardinal. I thought it odd, but didn't really think anything farther. But later that day or the next day, I heard it again. It was fussing cause Mama Cat was laying in a chair out there. So, then I investigated farther.

It would not leave even with me stepping out there. Just kept flitting around in the smoke tree and dogwood...then I spotted the nest. It is level with the roof, or very close to that height...about 3-4 ft. from the edge of the roof. I have no idea why they built there...I am both happy but at the same time kind of on edge because of my kitties.

Mama Cat and Cougar are not so totally into hunting though they do show some interest, I think Bubbie is more so than they are, but Puss Puss is another story. She is a dedicated hunter...anything that moves is not safe....whether it is a bug, butterfly, spider, or bird. I have seen her catch all those things.

Yesterday I heard her meowing and meowing. Well, she will go down in the basement and 'catch' some of my dirty socks from the clothes hamper and carry them around and meow and meow. Usually she brings them up here and I find them laying in the middle of the floor. I am not sure if she thinks she has caught something or if she is wishing she had a kitty.

I figured that that was what she was doing this I started out by looking down in the basement. She wasn't there. So I started to look through the rest of the house and happened to glance out the kitchen door and there she was at the storm door, with a present for me....a dead robin she had caught. So, I am really hoping the cardinal family survives. I so wish it was not the nature of cats to hunt...but it is their nature and I have to accept it.

Roger is really starting to feel better. Maybe by this time next week, this will be just a memory. Tomorrow morn he goes to the chiropractor , then we head to Sarah's house to watch Lorelei for a while. Such a hard job, but someone's got to do it;) If I had had to go of the morn, Roger would have cancelled his appointment...seeing her is like a dose of medicine for whatever ails us.