Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Only a couple more from Goose Pond

This is fairly big hawk.  Not a great shot.
Then there was this little guy...he flew along down in this drainage ditch...almost as if he did not want to be seen.  We wondered did it fear the bigger hawks.  It was maybe half the size of the first hawk.

I have been trying to stay busy and have started the process of trying to declutter once again.  I cannot believe how much stuff I have gotten rid of and we don't even miss it.

We did something today that I wonder if we will regret.  We actually got rid of our encyclopedias.  I first was going to store them in a tote in our basement.  But the more I thought about it, the more I thought how outdated they were.  And I knew that someday it would fall to our daughter's shoulders to carry them back up those stairs and get rid of them.  So out they went.

When I saw how heavy they were, I was glad I had not taken them down those basement steps.  It was bad enough going down the two steps from our back porch.  Anyway, I just wondered how many of you still have encyclopedias in your home still?  Do you think I was crazy for getting rid of them.

Other than that, it is odds and ends.  I keep giving up a few physical books along...a lot of them I had read and probably would never read again.  I decided to set more puzzles free and let them go find other homes...and some purses are free to go hang from some other woman's shoulders. 

And besides all that is finding other homes, there are the electronic boxes that are finding their way to the garbage.  I figure after a year or two, depending on what it is, I won't be needing them.