Thursday, February 3, 2011

The view....

Yep, that is what the yards and sidewalks look like around here...not sure how deep that is....the truck does not make a dent in it. I almost fell I don't know how many times when I was out. So, I am not taking my camera out to get any of the lovely pictures I know are there for the taking. Instead I contented myself with taking a couple from the porch.
The sun was too high for this to be a good shot...if I had taken it a bit earlier I think the ice on the trees would have shown better.

But notice the sky!!!! That is blue sky....and we had it yesterday starting sometime up in the day. And water is dripping from things that are iced over. So eventually it will all be gone. And none too soon for me.

I even saw Bubbie sliding around a little bit while trying to walk out on this ice. The cats go out, but sure don't stay can tell by their actions that their feet get cold. I sure feel sorry for animals that don't have a a warm place to stay.

Which reminds me of something I seen the other day.

We were in Terre Haute and on one of the corners at a stoplight there was a couple that held signs wanting work...saying they are homeless. Now some are used to seeing that, but I am not. There is probably more of it close to here but I am not out enough at the right time to see it. But I wonder where they slept....were they warm.

I also wondered about their life....wonder what led to that condition. Was it really beyond their means to avoid, or were they like some people with financial difficulties that won't do little things like give up their cell phone, do without cable, etc. Continually using a credit card as if it does not have to be paid back?

And I was thinking to myself that gee, we spend enough money on cats, we could cut enough out of that to at least buy them a meal...but I did not suggest doing anything....just drove on by.

But I have thought about them several times since...wondering how do other people handle seeing homeless. Do you feel a certain amount of guilt. Do you wonder if you offered them a job, if they might steal anything they could lay their hands on? Or do those thoughts never cross your mind?

One time we were in the hospital cafeteria down there and this old man came through....and Roger could tell he was homeless...the old guy got a cup of hot coffee and a doughnut or some little something like that. I don't think I even realized he was homeless till Roger mentioned what Roger done was get out a little bit of wasn't much but it was something. He got up and pretended to go get something and walked by the old guy and pretended he found the money on the floor, and gave it to him saying he must have dropped it.

The old man did say it wasn't his, but Roger just told him well, its not mine so you keep it. And the old guy went back through the line and got more food...I don't recall just what.

We left that situation and did not feel any guilt, yet ever since we seen that couple in Terre Haute, I have wondered what we should have done. I think anything would have been better than nothing. Kindness never matter what the situation.