Wednesday, May 15, 2019

That's my boy!

I was taking a break while mowing the yard, and Bubbie came and got up on the little table in front of me and was looking back at me....letting me know it was my job to pet him.

We got the yard mowed once again the other day...even though our yard is very small, I am worn out when we are done.  We are just using the push mower right now.  Which is good for me cause I do forget about my ankle/foot or what ever you want to call where my leg was broken.  And it is just good to accomplish something that does not have to be done again the next day!

I pay attention to the music in commercials quite often.  The other day I caught just the very tailend of a commercial for an Infinity...but I didn't hear enough/memorize enough to search for it.  Tonight I thought to hit the rewind button and played it again.  It is such a short clip of the song...but find it I did!

Now who would have thought this would feature in an Infinity QX50 commercial?  I think it was QX...the 50 part is right.  Anyway, love it...

And while I am at it...

this one caught my attention a year or two was in the commercial for the Samsung Note 9....the name of the song is Thunderclouds.   It figures that I would like a song with that title.

While we are at it...we listened to an Austin City Limits I had recorded and heard this guy sing this song...

Hope you find joy in at least one of them...they are all different.