Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lorelei's quilt--finished at last

I don't know for sure just when I started this...but it has been a long process.  It was before Christmas...but how much before I cannot say.  It is so simple to make...big pieces.  And at that the 'hearts' were made from charm packs which means they were already cut to size.  So less work for me.

But the alternate block...I had in my mind chosen the pink that is shown here.  But, I had the opportunity to buy some 'yardage' of fabrics used to make the hearts.  I thought wow, that will be better still.

I chose one you cannot see was light pink with tiny, tiny dark pink flowers.  I doubt they were half the diameter of a dime.  I made a whole set of those blocks.  Anyway, thank God I brought all the blocks up and placed them on the design wall first.  The first set of alternate blocks were like bull's eyes....they drew every bit of attention away from the hearts.  It was like the hearts were the secondary design.

So back down I went and made this set with just the light pink.  I got the whole quilt top together and it has been pin-basted a good while now.  I wanted the quilting to not be heavy, and to not detract from the hearts.  And I spent at least a week trying to decide on something different and in the end just did a loose meandering.  It could have been done at least a week ago if I was not so indecisive....