Saturday, July 26, 2008

Looking forward....

These are supposed to enlarge when clicked, but with the trouble I had with my other blog, I can only hope.
This top photo is scanned from a slide of early 1994, so it had to be the fall of 1993. It is one of my favorite barns in our area. I bet I have 50-100 pictures of it. No one is ever near it when I am there...if I ever see anyone there I am going to ask permission to look inside. The other side had storm damage this spring, not too terrible, but they are repairing it for which I am thankful.
This leaf was actually taken just a few weeks ago....on one of my cloud chasing trips. Seeing it sort of made me long for fall.
And this is from another slide--1998 this time. Isn't that tree gorgeous! I think fall is my favorite season. Just something about all the colors and things sort of slowing down. Kind of sad in some ways...yet it makes me look forward to staying inside and maybe sewing a little or settling down with a good book. Or something I have done since getting the internet a few years ago is to look up old diaries, journals, letters, and photos from the early settlement of this country. Reading and seeing some of those early times sure makes one appreciate the ease with which we heat, keep clean, cook, travel, etc.