Sunday, November 21, 2010

A slight change in plans...

I had every intention of getting photographs taken of Lorelei's Olivia quilt today, but instead I did almost totally nothing. I did get the loose threads picked from it...there was not near as many as I had thought. I had wanted to photograph it outside because when I use flash, very little of the quilting shows.

Not that the quilting is all that great, but I do like for it to show enough to see how it is quilted. We were supposed to have warmer temps today...I even got an update from one of the local news channels in my afternoon said:

Saturday Sunny
High 58º

That was sent at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. There had not been one single ray of sunshine so far the entire day, and I will say here that we never got the first hint of sunshine before dark. And though I didn't check my thermometer, I checked the weather on line and the high was 48º.

Anyway, I just didn't feel like being out in the chilly wind to take photographs. So instead I am showing you the courthouse over in Paris, appears to be getting a face lift of some sort. This was taken yesterday. To see what it looked like previously, go is a picture taken in 2009. Both are drive-by shots.
I will tell you right now, I am glad I am not the one working up there...I want to go back when I have time and take some pictures of the entire courthouse. It is really a beauty.