Saturday, December 29, 2018

Jigsaw puzzles

I finished this puzzle is the first I have worked in a very long time.  My problem with jigsaw puzzles is that once I start one, I cannot leave them alone.  They have always been a favorite form of entertainment.

I have not touched my sewing machine today.  But then how could I...I had a puzzle to work.  Roger better be thankful I finished it before he starved he died of starvation!!!!   LOL  I am not quite that bad, but almost.  I did stop and vacuum while working on it, too.

I am in the mood to start another but trying to resist that urge. 
I got an Otti story for you.

My older daughter was at Lorelei's for Christmas...she was feeling bad and was sleeping on the couch because it felt better than laying flat in bed to sleep.  She had taken something to help her pain and was sleeping soundly.  Keep this in mind.

I didn't know this but Otto likes to go up to the Christmas tree and rub his face in it.  I don't know why...maybe it scratches an itch.  Whatever the reason, daughter heard him.  Then realized she was hearing him over and over and said, "Otto, stop it!"  All this without her ever opening her eyes.

Then she realized it was a constant noise and fully woke up, and there he was with the Christmas lights wrapped around him, and he was straining against them to get to her!  They still have not figured out how the tree did not fall over, but she jumped up and made him back up till she could get the lights worked down off him and he could step out and over them.