Saturday, September 24, 2022

Tired boy!

 He likes to exaggerate everything...including how tired he is.

Just wanted to pop on to tell that we saw the dr about Roger's kidney function.  It was our first time meeting him.  We both really liked him.  He introduced himself and shook hands, then set down and ask Roger a few questions.  And started going over his meds.  I pulled out the antibiotic the ER doctor had given him and told him Roger had been on it for a few days.  

He asked if it was before the labs were done.  I told him yes, and he reworded it and asked again.  I told him yes.  He said that it would have caused the bad results, and asked if he was taking it now.  I told him no.  The dr. said that Roger should recover!   So we are thanking God, and feeling a bit lighter in spirits.

I started this day before yesterday....intending to add to it, but I just cannot seem to get it done.  So will post it as is.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Living the life

 I had a good title for this post because of this pic, but now I cannot remember what it was.  As you can see Copper has it made.

When my daughter came back from taking a shower, this is what she saw.  I told her she was lucky they allow her to sleep in their bed.


I now have 171 of these  blocks.  Each one is 6 1/2 inches square. I will make a quilt top of them, but just not sure how I will sew them together.    I wish I could stop making them but in times of stress, they are not precision based, can sew and then cut to fit.  They give my mind a rest from everything else.

Roger is feeling better.  I cannot say he is 100% better, but he is eating more normal, and looks so much better through his eyes.  According to some of the numbers from the labwork, he now has stage 3 kidney disease.  We see a dr. on Thursday.  I am hoping he will repeat the labs because one other time the numbers were bad when he was feeling real bad.  When he got to feeling better, we repeated the labs and the numbers were within the normal range.  

I have had a cold...felt horrible for a while, but have come to the conclusion that I will live...LOL  So far Roger has not showed signs of getting it.  
The video today is is not funny or heartwarming.  But I found it  interesting. I showed it to Roger and he enjoyed it.  I did not know chainsaws came with blades as long as the one used here for slicing the tree into thick boards.  Whoever thought of doing things this way is a genius...but it does make me think of something Roger would have come up with.   

Monday, September 12, 2022

Future Gymnast

 I hope this is so quick if you blink twice you will miss it.  It is the far corner of the couch you want to watc.

Also, below is the Christmas quilt that is finished.  It is 67 inches x 76 inches.

The blocks on point were given to me by a blogfriend, Mary, years ago.  I could never decide how  I wanted to use them. 
I am sorry not to be commenting more.  It has been a stressful time.  Roger is all over the place with how he is feeling, things that are happening.  He was starting to come around to more what is normal now after the last episode when I called the ambulance.  He went down in the basement and stood for an hour or two working on something when I was gone.

It set off more strange things.  So long and involved it will make your head spin.  And the thing is sometimes it is like flipping a switch from on to off or off to on..  After the standing down in the basement, and his wrist started hurting, the second day after that he got up with his hand swollen.  I took him to the emergency room.  The doctor did not tell me what it was, but to another dr. he called it cellulitis.  He put him on strong antibiotic.

I kept him on them...his hand got better, but he is still not normal.  But the antibiotic may have been too muc.  We have been to NP and she is doing a repeat of some labs to compare to last time.  I have not heard about them.  But she said they gave him way too much of the antibiotic.

He will feel absolutely terrible, may nap, and get up and be a lot more normal.  But it is never two days in a row.  And he may be what seems fine for a bit and turn around and there is just that terrible strained look in his eyes.  He still teases some...not a lot.  But more than he did with the last episode.

I hate coming on here just to sing the blues...

Sunday, September 4, 2022

'Fur' your viewing pleasure....

Above, as you can see, Will has decided that he makes a nice centerpiece.

The pups at their finest...notice that Will is a blur of motion...could not have captured it any better if you tried...

Here they are resting with Jeremy.  

I don't think there are any pups anywhere that are luckier.  They are so loved and enjoyed.  I just want to hug and hug them, but when we saw them they were too alive to be still for too long...I did get to hold Will some.  But did not get my fill.


A recent make....

And I will leave you with a little video.  Be sure and watch the end part in slow motion.  It is not even two minutes long.  Also, if it comes up that you can't watch it in your country, try typing in the title in the Youtube search box, I have found several times when I could not watch a video, if I type the title in, a version will come up that I can watch.