Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gone lonesome around here....

The Lorelei came for a had been 2 weeks since we had seen her....I swear I felt like she had grown a foot.
She was just so happy to be here...she sang and hopped and ran and just was all over the place....
As you can see by the photos, she was nothing but fun.
She picked dandelions and chose rocks for her rock collection...I am pretty sure she is going to have a thing for rocks.

And you should have heard her looking at my books about hawks...I think she is going to be interested in any and every thing.

The house just seems so quiet and lonesome when she leaves.  It isn't so much that she is is her happy spirit.
It was warm enough today as you can see by Lorelei being outside in short sleeves.  However, looking at the radar it honestly looks like snow is on the way.  When I let Bubbie outside a few minutes ago, I could feel the cold moving in.  I am wondering how much we will actually get.