Friday, March 20, 2009

If I were participating....

If I were participating in Sky Watch Friday, these are the photos I would use.
I have been busy with other things, and will be gone tomorrow, so I won't have time to visit just going to post for my regular visitors.
These were taken the other evening on our way home from our little drive.

I have been busy but not accomplishing much. I do have the little quilt for Lorelei almost finished. But it should have been finished long ago--it is small. It really hasn't taken a lot of time once I started working on it. I have just a tiny bit more quilting to do, but am putting the binding on before I finish it. I don't think I have ever put the binding on before something is completely quilted...but there is a first time for everything.

It sure has been fun to sew a little bit...I have plans for more things I want to sew. I just hope I can get some uninterrupted time to work on the projects. I used to come home from work and sew just for a few minutes and I would accomplish a lot over, it seems like if I get distracted, I get out of the mood to do anything.

And Mama Squirrel has been visiting quite a bit....I almost got a picture of her looking through the back storm door with Bubbie on the inside watching her. Soon as she sees me she gets active and heads to the fence post or picnic table....however, I can't get out the door that quick with all the cats, and she was back and met me on the steps one time. She ran around and around my feet on the way to the picnic table. I keep expecting her to get brave one of these days and climb up my pant legs.

I really think she might have babies, but I don't know which of our neighbor's trees they are in. I sort of thought it was early, but she was fairly 'big' and all of a sudden she is back skinny and well, there are other signs.

The cats have sure complicated things with her....I will think I have them all in the house, and suddenly she will take off. If I look around, I will spot one of them. And Puss Puss chased her up the tree the other day...from our yard over into our neighbors yard. Mama Squirrel ran up the tree, then came back down like she was going to run back to me.

I grabbed a chair and climbed on it and hopped over the fence to grab the cat, walked around the fence to the front, and threw her in the house through the front door, and about the time I got back around back, here came Mama Squirrel to meet me. She is just so hungry...really eats a lot.

I have heard or read somewhere that spring time is a hard time of year for animals. There isn't much left, plus a lot of people stop putting out food cause they think it is spring and that it will be easier for the animals. Not sure if this is completely true....but it does sound likely. Especially for the animals that needs seed/fruits.

Well, it is 2:02 according to my watch...I won't be on here much tomorrow....going to go see Lorelei. I will try to catch up with everyone tomorrow night.