Monday, March 3, 2008

This picture describes the day--just wet and drab and dreary. It is supposed to turn to snow tonight...possible accumulation. But the weathermen have predicted accumulation so many times only to get just enough to cover the ground. Right now, I don't have a preference, yet I know if I wake tomorrow to 3 or 4 inches I will probably feel the thrill that school children feel at the possibility of school being canceled. And I will want to take a few new pictures.

And this is one of the things I did today...actually, they just came out of the oven a few minutes ago. I make my pie crusts from scratch, and don't know what I do different. But I always seem to tear them getting them on the pie. They are still light and flakey...still delicious. But I used to never have any problem whatsoever.... I am debating on having a piece. My husband will take at least one to work for him and his buddies. I actually owe one of his best friends a pie. He loves my apple pies...these are made from Granny Smith apples.

This friend is always one of the first to volunteer if my husband needs help carrying something down into our basement. He helped on my first big office desk/sewing table. And had volunteered for the last one, but other buddies close by came and helped.

Other than the pies, I did cook supper. And earlier in the day I got the other baby quilt pin basted, but have yet to do the first stitching on it. I will probably start on it tomorrow sometime. It is so nice to not have a deadline on it. But I do want to get it done till I can work on something else.