Saturday, July 28, 2007

I was gone all day yesterday--just running around. Went down to the south end of town to see my friends little house that she is working on. It is tiny, but she wants to move to it because it will be less to take care of as she gets older.

From there I went HERE This is not a fancy website and needs to be updated...but it contains several pictures I have taken. It is my former place of employment...I just went to visit with the was and still feels like my home away from home. It felt like home the first time I set foot on the place 20+ years ago--and I worked there for 19 years. Only part-time, but most of the years were part-time year round...there is always something to do. Pruning, preparing for the coming season, planting new trees, cutting down old trees, etc. Go to PHOTOS and look in the album titled Orchard and see more pictures from there.
Today I got up and went to my daughter's house and we did 15 dozen ears of corn...we blanche it, cut it off the cob, bag it and freeze it. They love it...we did Six dozen ears last weekend and she is still not sure this will be enough. I told her she would be lucky if it lasted till winter.

I also got to see the baby kitties again....I am in love! They are so cute. I plan to get one soon as they are old enough.