Saturday, January 19, 2008

I did start cutting fabric the yesterday, officially day before yesterday since it is now 12:24 a.m. of Saturday morn,--didn't get too far till I had a kitty trying to help me. She is so inquisitive and wants to be right in the middle of everything. Today though, I went for a drive...I had wanted to go for a walk at the place pictured here but the wind must have been coming direct from the Arctic. It just cut right through everything I had on. And my fingers were cold in an instant.

To get to this pasture, I had to go through the covered bridges pictured below. Just in the drive I went on today, I physically drove through 3, could have drove through another, and two that are not open for driving. And that is not near all the bridges in the county.

I was so excited...I seen an eagle following the creek. I honestly thought he was going to land in a tree, but he didn't. It isn't the first eagle I have seen, but think I could count on my hands the number I have seen. At a power plant north of here that is on the Wabash river, every spring they have Eagle days, my husband went with a friend but so far I have never been. But in driving up there have seen eagles anyway.

Besides the eagles, I saw blue herons and hawks...but no furred critters! I was hoping to see something 4-legged but was really excited to see the others. I did not remember if it is normal for blue herons to stay here in the winter. I know that normally vultures don't but I keep seeing one or two of those here and there.

And tonight my husband and I went for pizza over in Illinois, and on the way home we seen lines and lines of geese heading north! It must be a major flyway over there, because we see them here, but never like over there.

We are getting skim of snow right now! i would hope for enough to take some good snow scenes but think it is just wishful thinking!