Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I want to share a couple things....

A couple sunflower shots...

they were both taken late Sunday afternoon.

I have nothing important to share.  A ho-hum beginning to the week but ho-hum is good in this case.  Things could always be a lot worse.

We did drive over to Tuscola, Illinois to what used to be the Outlet Mall.  It used to be full of shops....today it was empty store after empty store.  I doubt there were 2 dozen cars there to shop.  I so wish I had counted.  I seriously don't think there was a dozen and a half.    But was feeling generous and said 2 dozen. We stopped in the kitchen store...just because I always go there.

Every so often I get in the mood to buy a slicer of some sort.  But I look at them and think they would just be something else to wash and store.  So I will continue to use a knife.  A knife is quick to wash and I already have them and a place for them.

I came across the video below by chance...being horses it caught my attention.  You just have to watch it...and notice all the time that she is setting while talking...notice the horse gathered close to her...and one reaches and nudges her every so often.  I think she is amazing...