Monday, July 13, 2015

Looking good to me now

If you combined the weather in this pic, with the weather we had today, it would make it about right.  I wanted to try to go longer than this without complaining, but I guess I am a whiner/complainer by nature.  At least as far as the weather is concerned.  But even this looks good to me right at this present time.

Got up to sunshine this morn..fooled around a while before I put a load of clothes on.  About the time I hung them out, it started clouding up.  And I knew it was coming, I had looked at the radar.  But I just did not think it would come so soon.  At the most, they hung out about an hour before it hit.

Again, not normal..did hear a little bit of thunder rumble around, but no wind.  The rain just poured straight down almost.  We could have left a window open anywhere in the house.

I have did nothing out of the norm today...just the usual.  And been lazy a big part of the day.