Thursday, February 4, 2021

Where to start...

 So, I will start with yesterday...I had to go to Walmart and decided to run out to the strip pits to see what was going on.  There were a lot of white fronted geese and and a few swans, and I know I saw a few Canada geese somewhere along the way.

The camera was zoomed in and I was trying to shoot while sitting in the Rav4 simply because it was too muddy to get out of the vehicle.

These first three pics are at the first strip pit, just few hundred feet off the highway.  You can actually get glimpses from the highway if you look.  I would suggest if you want to get a better view, to click to expand the view, and if you want an even bigger view, right click and click to open in a new tab or window.    

The photos below are from one of the bigger strip pits.  The first view is actually what it looks like without zooming in:

And for the photo below, I had driven on west a tiny bit and zoomed in to the far end.  It is probably close to a mile from one end to the other.

I should have tried using my monopod, but for some reason it did not cross my mind.
One of these days I will have this quilt top completely quilted...

It is serving as an experiment in quilting.  I am trying different designs in the quilting...

  I am not great at any of them, but it will serve the purpose..

There are a lot of 'mistakes' but I doubt you will notice them here.  At leas I hope they aren't too glaring.

There a bit of the quilting so far.  More than half the blocks have been quilting, but I have not touched the sashings or the borders.  So still a while to go before I am done.   I should have went down and worked on it today rather than play in my sewing room.  I am continuing with trying to sew at least 15 minutes every far, so good.
Last night we watched a show of the favorite Super Bowl commercials...I would not have given two cents to see most of them but I could watch a whole hour if they were all ones involving the Clydesdales.  The first one, Brotherhood was in 1st place this year--I may have shown it before but I enjoy it every time I see it.


And I just have to show this one, too.