Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rainy days are here again...

I wanted to go to the woods today...I wanted to hunt some ginseng. Not to dig. Just to see. We no more than got back to where I might begin to find some and it began to rain. Not hard. But I had taken my camera with me. Luckily I had taken a big ziploc bag and could put the camera in it. We just left the woods...I didn't want to stay there till the rain really began...at least not with my camera.
So instead we took a little drive that rambled around part of Parke County. I first wanted my husband to point out the heron rookery to me. But with the leaves still on the trees, we could not see them. He showed me where it could be seen when the leaves are down so we will head back there then.
So we just rambled around, I took a few pictures. None are fantastic...for one thing it was so dark and dreary I had to set my ISO up to 1600 to be able to handhold. And even then I did not have much depth of field.
It didn't start to rain real steady till we headed home. And it has been raining ever since. Not a downpour or anything like that. Just a solid, steady rain. And it is just cool enough to make one not want to have to go outside in it.
It is a good time to snuggle and get warm and read a book. And think about how blessed we are to not have to worry about a warm, clean, dry place to rest or sleep.