Thursday, June 25, 2009

SkyWatch Friday!

I am actually going to attempt to join Skywatch again....not sure if I will get it done or not. With babysitting our granddaughter, time passes so quickly and I get very little time to be on here.
Please click and enlarge for best viewing.
However, as many of you know I make regular visits to a place I call the strip pit area which is a former place of coal mining. The land is privately owned now and all my photos from that area are taken from the road.
If you click on the label strip pits, you might see the reason I return there so regularly. There is quite a bit of wild life to be seen most of the time, and sunsets never fail to impress me. I will swear to myself that I have enough sky pictures, but I don't think I have ever came home from there without having taken some sky pictures.
So here more for your least I hope you enjoy them.

If you want to join the fun, click on the badge at the top of this post. Skywatch is hosted by Fishing Guy, Klaus, Sandy, Ivar, Wren, and Louise.

Big Shawnee Creek

Weekend before last when we took off on a drive, we really had not particular plans to go anywhere. We ended up heading north....
and it kind of reminded me of when I used to run back and forth to Purdue University when the kids were there. And thinking of that reminded me of Big Pine Creek that we visited last year. It was a creek we crossed over every time the trip to Purdue was made.
So, in the back of my mind I was heading to find that creek....last year when we were there we didn't have our fishing poles with us. Now, we almost always have them with us the same way I have my cameras.
I am not sure what made me notice it, but I noticed the Big Shawnee Creek on the map...and started directing Roger on the turns to make. I eventually told him what I was trying to find.
The first place we found it, there was no place to park without parking in someone else's yard, so had to back track and find a new place. We actually found two more places, but this was my favorite. We did throw in our lines from the bridge, and kept getting hits on our little jigs. We definitely want to go back sometime when we have more time.

It was a very pleasant place to be, but with that name, I wondered about its history. I wondered if Tecumseh ever crossed this creek, and how many times.
Lorelei was her usual cheerful self today. She was asleep when she got here, but that didn't last long. It was not quite so humid so we started the day sitting out on the porch in the swing, and Roger put an outlet out there, and brought the fan in from the garage before noon. We used it later in the day. She totally enjoyed being out there....she is her mama and grandmama's child for sure when it comes to that.

And once after her bottle she just sang and sang to me...I put her up to my shoulder to burp her, and she lay there against me and just sang and sang. Then I started singing and she sang along with me. We honestly think she was singing and not jabbering. I sing little crazy things to her all the time--at least that is what I call it. And she doesn't know the difference yet.

Then when I was telling Sarah about it when she called on her break, and she said that Jeremy sings to her all the time...only he can really sing. I have never wanted a camcorder or anything like that, but I have a feeling I am really going to want one one of these days. I would love to have a way to record her little voice for everyone to hear. I told Roger if she does it tomorrow, we are calling Sarah even if she is at work.