Monday, April 18, 2011

A quick post....

I ran to the strip pits was a little cool...did not hear a single frog nor see a single turtle....but seen all kinds of male ring-necked pheasants. Well, it was under a dozen but still seeing 6 or 8 is a lot for me. And the minute they see me, in my Rav4, they take off at a fast walk. When I get near, they first duck down till it is almost impossible to see them. BUT, if I just pause a few seconds their heads come back off and they take off running again.
There were several killdeer....they must have nests the way they act. Or else are very close to nesting. I think they are such a pretty little bird.
Every night for the past week, at least on the nights we were home, the lower the sun has gotten, the more stunning the sunset has been. That is why I ran out there tonight...but this right here was as pretty as it got. Mind you, I do think this is beautiful....but usually if I am out there it is like watching a picture show with the sky changing dramatically over the last half hour or so. It just didn't happen tonight.

It was worth going though....I saw deer, geese, blue herons, and one of the swans...Oh, and I saw the American Bittern but only got a quick shot of it as it flew away. I saw from behind sitting at the edge of the water from several feet I pulled up with the clump of grass between us, and got out of the car and walked over within 5 feet of the clump of grass and could not spot it.

I forgot and had on nice shoes, and Roger had cleaned the Rav so I really did not want to get real muddy. I turned around and headed back the Rav...and turned around to look one more time and up it flew right from where I knew it was but could not see. That shows how well camouflaged they are.