Monday, September 15, 2008

From a loooong time ago...

I had no idea what I was going to post tonight, having spent the day running around in Terre Haute looking for some things Roger needed for something he was making. When we got home from there I started trying to make some decisions about taking a little mini vacation...we want to take off for a few days while our daughter is still here to babysit the dog and cats. We want to go north, so want to go before too much later.

Anyway, I spent some time on here checking about hotels, did some calling, and in the end we are heading to Mackinaw City towards the end of the week. I am planning on taking this laptop so if all goes well, I won't miss too many posts.

I was going through the photos on here and kept coming across things and messing with them for Paintbox Pictures. I finally decided it would be easier to scan some of my slides. It is a good thing most things are made idiot proof these days...I kept trying to scan the slides and it kept telling me...well, I can't remember the words but basically that something was set wrong and the driver was going to close down. I finally thought and opened the scanner. I had it set up for documents!

Anyway, these are some of the first slides I opened....they are from July of 1994. It is the one and only year that we had an apple crop failure in all the years I worked at the orchard. This is a farm not too far from the apple orchard. Or maybe I should say farms...the one that is just a field of wheat is out there but it is not the one being harvested. I sat and watched the one being harvested and on the other side of the road were the cows watching me watch the farmer.