Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A song for the playing...

When we were at Sarah's last, we were going somewhere. Sarah, Lorelei, and I were in the car and for some reason had to wait a minute on Roger. Well, Sarah put this song on, All Your Life by the Band Perry...which I would love anyway. But oh, you should have heard our Lorelei singing...she was shy, and didn't sing loud, but she knew the words and sang right along with it. Just such a sweet little voice. The memory of her singing it just makes it an extra special song now.

I am thinking she has a very good memory....cause her mom does not always have music going. I think mostly just when they are going somewhere.
Supposed to be a beautiful day. Temps are supposed to be a bit lower today and the sky is a brilliant blue right now. I am not sure what we are getting into, if anything.