Thursday, February 24, 2022

Bits of fabric

 See these bits of fabric all sewn together.  The block overlapping the other four is about 7 inches square.  The other four are not quite that big.  though they are getting close.  The bits of fabric in them  all came from the little plastic box below.

This shows how much remains.  Granted, it was jam packed before I pieced these.  But I could put the lid on and close it.

It measures about 6 1/2 inces across and is about 4 1/2 inches square.  Or almost square.  I did not really measure that way.

I would love to keep on with them and see just what could actually be made.  The only thing, there are not many really colorful fabrics.  And most of the ones in it are scraps I have bought.  Not scraps from things I have made, though a few are.


I just let Bubbie in a few minutes ago.  It is cold outside.  The ground and sidewalks were covered with snow.  I am hoping that we don't get much.  I just dread having to be so careful with getting out Roger hates staying home.


My brother brought me his older snow blower.  It has not been used that much.   It takes a gasoline mixture.  You know, gas with 2-cylce engine oil mixed in.  Well, right away I wanted to get a gas can just for it.  Our power washer takes straight gasoline.  I have a 2 gallon gas can for it.  I just simply cannot handle the 5 gallon  gas can.   

The next time I was in Walmart, I looked at their gas cans.  It  was so complicated, I thought I best examine it before buying it.  And I just could not get it to do what I understood the directions to mean.  I was not strong enough.  So I came home and you-tubed it...I had understood correctly.  I just was not strong enough.  There was a tab that had to be pressed to be able to take the nozzle off.  I just simply could not do it. Then there was a part you flipped up and pushed forward.  I could flip it up, but not push the part forward.

I know I have  lost strength in my hands by the times I have trouble with things I always did with no trouble.  

So then I went to Tractor Supply a day or two later.  There the gas cans had the nozzles inside.  I thought Great!  A normal nozzle.  I get home and take it out, and no, it is not normal.  I had to get on line to figure it out for sure.  I ended up ordering a straight nozzle to go on it.  I was so frustrated I did not think about just using a funnel  and taking the nozzle off and pouring it in that way.  Fun times!  

I have had this post started for days and just been unable to sit and finish it.  I usually like to end with a youtube video that is funny.  Or at the least a feel good video, but the one I had chosen I cannot embed.  I prefer to embed them because I hate having to go to another page to see.  Instead I will leave with a photo of a quilt top using the crumb blocks like above.  It needs an outer border, but I have yet to find something I like.  but I should just use whatever I can piece together.  It is one I have been actively look for border fabric till I could finish it and quilt it.  I have had this much done for several years.