Monday, May 2, 2022

a pink world

I wish there was a way to share the feeling of standing under the dogwood tree.  It is almost as if you are living in another world.

For some reason I have not taken near the number of photos this year.  so I thought I best take a few more before they begin lose their petals.


And even with this iris....I took a photo of it over a week ago but forgot to post it.  So I took another one today.  I don't remember how I came to have this color.  I may have got a mixed bag of bulbs. 

The sun was bright and shining today...I did a bit of weeding, and tying up of the iris blooms.  Before I started to work,  I sat on the porch a minute, and tried to call the Little Mama but no luck.  Did not see her anywhere.  When I got done, I sat a minute to cool down, looked across the streed and there she came.  So I got to visit with her a little bit but I did not take any new pics..  I should have though.  I had a bright coral teashirt on and could see it reflected in her eyes.

I hope that all of you have a good week ahead.