Sunday, June 10, 2007

The first two squirrels are children of Mama Squirrel who is pictured in the last three photos. Mama Squirrel came here in the spring of 2006 and I kept talking to her till she started eating from my hand. She had two litters last year in our old maple tree--2 babies in the first and 3 babies in the fall litter.

This spring she had 3 babies again--now that they are out and about I very, very seldom see all three babies at the same time but see two of them together quite often. And it is almost rarer to see Mama and the three babies together, but I do every now and then. She won't let me actually pet her, but she will reach for my hand and pull it to her. And sometimes stands with her front paws in my hand.
The babies seem to know my voice, I suppose from me talking to Mama all the time she was pregnant with them. And one took a piece of apple from me one time, and it will come almost to me but chickens out. But the other two will only let me come to about a yard away from them and that is about it.