Monday, November 11, 2013

Aren't libraries wonderful?

This photo was actually taken by Sarah, not by me.
Glanced at my email yesterday evening and Sarah had sent me this.  My brother, Neal, had told Sarah about their library having a book sale.  At the end of the sale, they allow people to fill a bag with as many books as they can and the price is $4!  She got this pile of 30 books for just $4....can you believe that?  And Lorelei is just happy as a clam.

I think Lorelei is running true to her family genes....I think out of the eight of us, only one brother doesn't love to read.  He just don't read a lot of books, but reads magazines.  I for one, have spent a lot of happy hours in libraries.  I don't so much any more since having the kindle.  But I still use the library to borrow digital content.

Isn't digital wonderful?  I borrow books for my kindle and audio books for my Mp3 player and never have to worry about getting them returned to on time.  And there is even some music available to borrow, but I haven't taken advantage of that yet.
Chilly and overcast this morn with a 40% chance of rain.  What is more it is supposed to change to a wintry mix tonight, though the accumulation is supposed to be slight.  There is always they chance that they could be wrong...we might not get any at all, or we could wake up to a winter wonderland tomorrow! 

It is early, but we have had snow earlier.  One time on my birthday, which is near the beginning of Novemeber, I remember it has snowed a skim.  How do I remember that you ask.  At the orchard, we alway saved the Granny Smith apples till the very last thing to pick...always tried to get them in before a hard freeze.

Well, that year we waited too late...but the boss wanted to pick them in the hopes that we could at least used them in cider.  So I was picking apples with just a bit of snow on some of them, my little gloves that I loved for picking were getting soaked and my hands were freezing.  I would get down off my picker and run back and hold my hands close to the motor/exhaust to get them warmed up every little bit.  Oh, and by the way, we could not use them in cider....I don't remember why, but remember it was wasted effort.