Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This is how Bubbie does my quilts if he gets any chance at all...I usually keep it folded over he rack and pinned in a couple places. I had had it off, and put it back over the rack but I had not put the pins in place. I came in and Roger told me to look...and there he was. He always works and gets under stuff...sometimes it is a throw rug, which always leaves his back end hanging out. Or he will go in the bathroom and pull the towels down and crawl under them.
We had thunderstorms before daylight and lots of rain. The rain cleared out early in the day, and the wind started blowing. The morn was shirt-sleeve weather but by evening, a coat was needed. The wind felt like it went right to the bone. I only know this from letting the cats in and out, and feeling the cold when Roger came in and out.

I had 3 or 4 days of not working on my quilt, but got back on track this afternoon and finished cutting the dark strips for the main part of the quilt...and even did just a tiny bit of sewing. Let's hope I get back on track with that...

I'm signing off for now...I have a jar of tomato juice waiting on me in the fridge....there is just nothing like home-canned tomato juice....