Monday, November 18, 2013

We survived the wind...

Yesterday afternoon, a storm moved through our area...the worst of it missed us.  The wind was some of the worst I have seen...I have never seen a storm move through as fast.  But we were on the tail end of it.  Our local weatherman said that the wind was reaching 75 mph at ground level.  North of us about 20 miles, two trailers were turned over.  And two or three counties south of us had a tornado touch down.
When it cleared out the first time, I jumped in the Rav to head north to capture a few pics.  The storm was still happening about 3 or 4 miles north of us.  As up you can see by the above pic, I got in the edge of it.
Then I take a few more pics as I begin to look south.
I know it has not been long ago that I gave a cloud show over on my Time Stand Still blog, but I just cannot resist when they are like this.
I will leave you with this final one...
It was starting to move in on me by this one...I grabbed a couple shots and headed for home.  The wind was fierce by then and raining hard....but by the time I got south just a couple miles, I had driven out of the worst of it.

Be sure to click and enlarge to get the expanded view.