Friday, October 4, 2013

Random 5 Friday

It is time to come up with my Random 5....and yes one of them has to do with the photo above.

1.  I think I take this same shot of milkweed pods every single year.  I just happened to notice that the other day.

2.  I really wish I was a neater person.  And I cannot seem to get started back at de-cluttering.  It would help so much to be free of the stuff I no longer use, or no longer need. I got rid of a lot of stuff from the kitchen, but find there is a bit more to do.  For instance, I have several odd-sized plastic containers.  We had them for when Roger was still working...for when he wanted to take lunch.  Now I don't need them, and find myself continually moving them from one spot to another.  So, out they are going.  I did actually throw away a couple yesterday, but I am going to get up there and go through it all. 

3.  The days are definitely getting shorter.  I don't like to get up till it is, though I still wake up early, when I see it is not daylight, I usually get up for a few minutes, then go back to bed.

4.  Does any body else dread shopping?  I need to go to Walmart, but I dread going.  Just a few things I actually need, but I like to make the trip count.  So may do that after while.

5.  I want to try to make some little art quilts...but it is so hard for me to just let go and do.  Or when I make a scrap is just hard to pick up any two pieces and piece together.  I wonder if that means I am a controlling person?

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