Friday, February 28, 2020

A Finish and a Not so Finished....

First of all I finished this crazy puzzle yesterday I think.

Now look at the next photos...

Look how crazy the pieces are cut.  I don't know if it is cause they are cut this way, or if it is the actual picture, but it was one of those puzzles that I thought a piece was missing till the very end.  For me, the kitty was the hardest part.  Normally the hard part for me is real dark, dark green leaves.  If you work jigsaw puzzles, is there a color or item that you find harder to work than others?

Now...  you said you didn't mind seeing more of the leaves...

thought I would show you the last three I made.

I have 40 made, but still need to make more.  This leaf project is the 'not so finished' part of this post.

I am still not sure how big I am making it...but  if I wanted to stop soon, I would want at least 2 more leaves to make it 6 leaves wide and 7 leave long.  Or 9 more to make it square.
I finally took the time and added a patch pocket to a pair of my pjs.    The next time I make a pair I will add pockets.  I do not know why I haven't always added pockets.

As I type this we have snow falling again.  I think it is basically only supposed to be flurries but it sure is cold.

I hope you are warm this weekend and that you have a good weekend.

Here's Ken Davis is not the one I wanted to find but it is short so just going to use it.

Friday, February 21, 2020

A bit of this and that...

I decided to do one more is a hard one for me.  I have not been able to sit and work very much, but when I do, it is very slow going.  If I don't change, I will be next month getting it worked.

We took backroads the the dam, and by Mansfield, on through Bridgeton...We saw 4 Bald Eagles, two of which were juvenile.  I put my best shots of one of them over on my other blog.

The one above was the first one we saw...not far off the highway. 

There were gulls...

as well as white fronted geese.  It is the first time for me to see white fronted geese up there.  There were also some Canada Geese but they were not where I could photograph them.

Not much as been happening...we are almost totally over our colds.  I never did get the coughing part, but I think some of Roger's coughing is from the cold.  With that chronic cough, it is hard to tell if it is his normal cough or it is a cold.

Lorelei is here for the that has made our weekend!  I hope yours is a good weekend.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Furnace fixed, and other stuff....

I feel like a bird that has been set free....the furnace is fixed and is running just fine.  I wasn't really worried about it and it is not cold so the space heaters were more than adequate.  Still it feels so good for it to be done.  I know part of it is cause I have to stay where I can hear the door or be here to get the door cause Roger would never hear him if he knocked...and cannot always answer the phone if I have them all first.  Anyway, it is done.  That is one thing I am very thankful for.


I actually saw a Red-winged blackbird the other day but this is my first pic of one this year.  To me they are as much a sign of spring as the robin is.  Maybe even more so.  When Sarah lived in Indy, I remember seeing robins when we were there at Christmas.  Anyway, I was thankful to see it....

Talking about birds leads to a question...did anyone else notice the big birds flying above/around the Diamond Princess cruise ship that was quarantined off Japan because of the coronavirus?  Did anyone know what they were.  I could never catch a good glimpse of them but I so wanted to know.  Did any other birder notice and wonder?

My heart has been so full today...thinking about everything...about first one thing and then another.  Thinking about home...about Tennessee...thinking about Roger and his friends...realized today that the guy that worked on our furnace reminded me of someone Roger would have liked before his stroke.  Not that he don't like him now...he likes everyone. It is hard to explains...anyway, I guess that will always be my comfort zone.  Someone that reminds me of him/his friends.

Below is an instrumental with photos from around home.  The little white house that is the 'cover' photo is one we passed every day we went to school.  Well, for me almost every day...I did get a few rides.

I hope everyone has a nice week....

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Almost great shots...

I thought I would post a photo or two...

These are from right outside our dining room window.

It is a cold night here in the Heartland.  Was slushing as it got know a cross between snow and rain.  It is supposed to get bitter cold tonight, too. 

Roger and I both have horrible colds...his throat was sore and his cough is a real cough, not his chronic cough.  I had scratchy throat yesterday an today I have all the typical symptoms of a cold...runny nose, watery eyes, scratchy throat.  Hopefully the symptoms won't last too long.  Daughter and I had planned to sew Saturday but we have cancelled that.

I continue to work on my leaves...I have 39 new pics.

I am reading Adventure North by Sean Bloomfield....I got it for free back in 2017.  It is a pretty good read.   I get two or three newletters that give lists of books that are either free or low in price.  I have got some good books that way. 

I hope everyone else can avoid this is no fun.  I don't feel horrible...I just don't feel good.  LOL 

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Where to begin....

I don't know where to begin...but it is not like there is a lot to tell.

I will start with these pics from yesterday.  We had just got home and I got out of the Rav4, and first noticed a hawk.  Alright!  So happy to see it.  Then I saw a Turkey Vulture, but then way, way on past it, pretty high up, I saw this!  It was so far I could not see that it has the white head, but just recognized it by how it flies how it looks in flight.  It was an overcast day and these were the best I could get.

Then Roger says "Is there two?"...I was trying to hold my camera on the one and had sure not noticed another and said no but when I brought my camera  and looked up, yes, there were two!  Just made our day.   BTW, both photos are cropped pretty heavily from the original.

I have finished 8 more of the appliqued leaves but haven't taken a photo.  I suppose they are pretty boring to people that don't quilt.  I need another design wall to hang them on since daughter and I have the current project on it that I cannot show.

I have been getting messages from people over on my other blog that sometimes they try to comment, and they get the page where they get the CAPTCHA thing...I wondered has anyone else had problems like this?  These people have their photo blogs on another site other than blogger.  I have had word verification turned off for ages and ages, and I just moderate comments that are on posts a few days old. 

ALSO, sometimes I get the message that someone has left a comment, on this blog, but never on Time Stand Still.  And on this one, I got them for a day or two recently and now back to not getting them at all.  And I quit getting the notice that a comment needed to be moderated ages and ages ago.


I just read Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder by Caroline Fraser.  It took me forever, and I do mean forever.  So long I am embarrassed to tell how long I think it took.  Has anyone here read it?  It has really left me sort of stunned, and I don't really know what I think even.    It sure was not what I expected in so many ways.

On the other hand I am reading :
The Dark Heart  A True Story of Greed, Murder, and an Unlikely Investigator by Joakim Palmkvist....I got it free a while back.  It is set in Sweden and I was afraid it would be hard to follow, but instead it is hard to stop once I read a page.
How about a fun shot?  A two headed swan!

It isn't of course, but if you expand the view you can see that it is two side by side.   I did not know I had got this till I downloaded the pics and were looking through them.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Not much...

I have had this basket forever and used it for different things.  Well I had a variety of items in it and it was sitting in my closet.  I cleared it out, and sat the basket out trying to decide what to do with it.  I finally thought I would try putting a towel in it and setting it in here.  I had it setting on the floor and Bubbie would get in there.  I sat it up on the couch while I vacuumed and they both seem to like it there it has stayed.


I finished 6 more of these this past week...

My stack of them is growing...I have more in there pinned and ready to baste to the background.

Sometimes when I am bored, I fiddle with the little pieces that are left when I ave cut out a leave.

Now some of the one pictured above are big enough that I will use them for some more specific than this:

I did not measure this but I would say it is about 8 x 8 inches...maybe a little wider...I don't know what I am going to do with it, but I will find a use.

Roger continues to be okay.  Or as okay as he gets.  I am thankful for that, and thankful for your thoughts and prayers with that. 

I hope you are having a nice weekend...we are supposed to have sun tomorrow!  I won't know how to act, but I will be happy!