Friday, October 26, 2012

From last year....

This is from a drive in Parke County...taken in 2011.  It looks about the same type of weather we are having today.

It rained during the night, and has definitely taken a cold turn.  I checked the temperature some time after noon, and it was 47ºF.  I wish it had stayed warm one more day.  I was afraid Lorelei would be bored, but she has just played around, watched some cartoons, went down in the basement with me and even let me quilt some while she messed around.

Kids can find entertainment anywhere.  She found a bunch of twist ties that had came out of my garbage bags.  I never use them on garbage bags, but usually lay them aside thinking they will come in handy for something.  Well, she played with them for at least half an hour...she would unroll them and say they were her mat.  And she would spread them out like she was going to sit on them.

Then she found a place to hide them...then she would go find them like it was the first time she had ever seen them.

She was worrying last night about Santa Claus and our lack of a fireplace.  So I took her and showed her the chimney down there...and showed her the old opening for when this house had a coal fired furnace.  I told her he just snaps his fingers and he is instantly little enough to fit through, then he just comes up the stairs like we do.  And that seemed to satisfy her.