Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few more pictures from Sunday..

This is another of Parke County's covered bridges. This was taken in the middle of the day, so definitely does not make for great photos. But thought I would show it anyway...we thought it almost looked like it had been built in two sections, or else started at each end and worked towards the middle.

While at the bridge, I noticed all kinds of this flower. Actually, we seen it all along the way almost. I think any time I stopped, I could spot some of it. I have been looking for the name for it and having no luck, so if you know, please respond.Anyway, I know these are not great sharp, in focus photos, but I think the insects would have had to be dead to catch a good photo of one. I don't care what kind of insect I seen on them, they worked around the flower so quickly that it was almost impossible to capture even a half decent shot.
I don't generally care to get super close to bumble bees, but they are so intent when they are on the flowers they seem to have a one-track mind.
And I captured these guys, again, they were working very rapidly. I think this flower is made up of many tiny flowers...and they paused at each one for just a second before quickly moving around the head to the next.
Each photo is supposed to enlarge when clicked. If you want to see more from the Sunday drive, there are a few more on The Road Less Photographed.

I am late posting...we had storms start to move in around dark last night, so I unplugged the computer. I figured it would be one of the quickies that come and move on in short order. NOT last night. Lightning flashed all around for at least a couple or three hours--sometime seeming far away and others near at hand. With the thunder rumbling in the background.I fell asleep watching a quilt video, only to wake up in just a bit--sometime right after midnight and the storm was going full force. The power was knocked out before I could get up and do anything. And the wind was fierce....this is the second time I have been really thankful that we have those two big trees down.

I stayed up a while till it slacked off and started looking for my three cats that like to spend the night out. Mama Cat came almost instantly but I did not see Cougar, Jr. nor his sister. I went outside and called and called for them...no show. So finally I went on to bed. I wanted to wake early to make sure my daughter did not over sleep with us having no power. I got up bit before daylight, thinking I would go look for my babies, but Roger had already been up and they were in the house already.

I need not have worried about my daughter cause she was awake when I went to make sure she was up...how fun can it be to get up and have to get dressed by a flashlight and have no electricity to do anything like fix your hair. Her hair actually looked fine...she is lucky in that respect.

I talked to her later and she said there were trees down every where on her way to work....she said there were all kinds of tree limbs in the median that looked like they had just been sheared off. And she said down the side roads you could see trees on top of trees. One of the guys called her and warned her not to take her usual route to work cause the road was blocked off.

My husband called to check on a buddy of his and a tree had fallen on one of his vehicles...so Roger has gone to help him. He got almost to his house and called and said he was going to have to find a different route to get to him cause there was stuff across the road. He must have finally made it cause I have not heard from him and so far he hasn't showed up back home.

I called out to the orchard to see how they survived...as far as the orchard itself one old plum tree blew down. But a big limb had fallen on the hood of one of their vans, and there are two new, beautiful homes near them that were built right around 2005...I watched one of them go up the last year I worked there. Big old trees had fallen on each of them. And another girl I worked with that lives south of the orchard had trees down in her yard, but none had hit anything.

So what a night it was....