Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Lorelei and I had worked a bit on this puzzle the other day...and I worked a few more after she left.  But for the most part had hardly touched it.  Yesterday, Sarah worked on it while my other daughter and I sewed a while...then we came up and started working on it.  And finished it before the day was done.  It was mostly them....but I am glad it is done because I have things I need to do and I cannot leave a puzzle alone most of the time when I have one out.

But it is awfully tempting to start another one!

We had a white Christmas...but just a an inch or so.  It is bitter cold...it was 16ºF when I notice up in the morn...but got colder throughout the day.  I saw it 12º and then 10º two or three hours later.