Friday, August 14, 2015

The Big Raccoon Creek

We drove up to the tailwaters of the Cecil M. Harden Lake yesterday,known as Raccoon Lake by some.  The above is where they let the water out of the lake...these young people did not stay there long...they had big sinkers on their lines but the water was too swift even for them.

These photos are maybe 200 yards downstream from the damn.
Normally I can stand down on little sandbar right close to the above tree and fish.  And over across at the trees out in the water...there is usually a Great Blue Heron that wades the water along through there trying to catch its own dinner.  You can see it is on up the creek a little farther than this but not by much cause I stood not too far up from this tree to take that picture.
 After leaving there, we drove on down to Mansfield...Roger took these too pics.  Normally there is a rock ledge down that the water rushes over...look here for a pic when it is normal.
Notice where the water is at under this little footbridge, then look here to see what is closer to normal, but even in it, the creek is up.  Look how much lower the water is under the foot bridge in it.

Needless to say, I am beginning to think we will get to wade this creek and fish this summer.  And I doube that we are going to get to take Lorelei there to fish and play.