Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What a pretty entrance

I always love a good door...but I also wonder what people think when they see me taking pictures of their houses or their neighbor's house.  Does anyone else think like this?  I am not saying it is going to stop me, specially when it comes to places like this. 
Have you ever heard the saying when it rains, it pours?    Be prepared for a long whining post.  I have a version of whatever Roger has, just not all his aches and pains.  At least not yet.  And his seem to be easing off.  Which is a good thing. Cause guess what?

In the wee hours of the morn when I was headed to bed, the AC started making a funny noise.    I got up and Roger was already up...I told him what was going on.  He could not hear it of course.  I checked outside, and it was definitely different sounding.  And not a neighbor's AC...not that I was wanting them to have bad luck, I just really was not wanting it to be ours.

I had already noticed that it was not blowing cold air...so I wondered was it froze up....every now and then when it is so humid, moisture will gather and everything will be covered in ice.  I came in to get the flashlight, and Roger reminded me to check the basement.  Well, it was so loud down there...I say loud, but it is partly the tone that really got to me.  I turned it off, and went and looked for the lines to have frost/ice on them.  Nothing there.

Checked the unit itself, nothing there.  So had to turn it off for the night.  Roger went and talked a buddy this morn to find who has the best heating and AC place here in town.   Came home and we were discussing calling them, and Roger said to wait a minute and let him check something.  Well, it ends up the fan motor was not working...he got it going and it ran and ran.  At first I didn't think it was cooling the house..but finally realized it was. 

So he took that motor off and took it down to the hardware store...they didn't have that one  in stock, but they ordered it while he was there and it is supposed to be here in the morn!  I hope they are right.  It is so hot and humid in here tonight...I would be tempted to go to a hotel.