Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Daughter's new Etsy shop...

Sarah, Lorelei's mom, has started BowTodayBowTomorrow....her new Etsy shop.
What little girl wouldn't like some of these!  If you have a little girl in your life, check her shop out. 

Lucky to be alive

This is our Bubbie.  Some of you may not remember, but at the end of 2008, he ended up with a broken leg....he had to have a pin put in. It was left in for a period of time, then taken out.  I don't remember for how long.  The vet thought he had been hit by a car.

That was his first close call.  The next one was probably within a year.  We don't know for sure what happened to him.  It was summer, I noticed he wanted inside so opened the door for him.  He came flying in, went in out bedroom and laid down and did not move for 24-36 hours...didn't get up to eat, to drink, or to go to the potty.

He had no sign of anything on blood, not roughed up fur.  Nothing.  He finally got up and drank a little, moved to another room and laid for several more hours.  Gradually came back to himself.  When he finally wanted back outside, he slunk out looking up and over his he expected something to grab him.  We wondered if a hawk had caught him....or almost caught him.  Though in all honesty, he didn't go much beyond our yard, and I have never seen a big hawk here.  But had seen a big owl.

Anyway, I consider that Close Call #2.

We got our Rav 4 near the end of 2007....we started out parking it on one side of the garage.  Roger has a shelf on the wall that is up out of the way...he puts some of his better boards there. It was on the passenger side. Can you guess what is coming?

Roger was out working in his shop and had all the doors open.  Bubbie was in there messing around...he and Puss Puss have a habit on jumping on whatever vehicle they choose and getting up in the rafters and then walking over to where they are on top of the shop.  So, he is in the process of exploring.

 Roger seen it happen...Bubbie went to either jump up or jump down from that pile of boards and he hit them just right till the pile of boards fell, and Bubbie fell with them...and the pile ended up on top of him...only, they didn't really hit him.  Something was there to keep the weight of them from landing on him or he would have been either a dead kitty or hurt kitty.  (They did put a sharp little dent in the door of our Rav4.)  Roger could not believe that Bubbie walked away with not even a scratch.  Close Call#3

We come to today...Roger and I were getting ready to go shopping.  I knew I had let Bubbie and Puss Puss out I went to the door to let them in--only Puss was at the front door.  So I let her in.  I looked around for Bubbie but he is not in sight.  I went to the back door and he's not there either, so being that he has thick hair and doesn't seem to mind the cold, I thought he could just stay out.  I went out and pull the door closed behind me.

Our storm door is hard to shut....the wind has caught it so many times, and we have fixed it a number of times...but it just will not close unless we give it a firm push.  Well, I just came out and put my back to the screen door and give it a push....I had a coke in one hand and my purse in the other is why I was pushing with my back.

Anyway, I gave a push and it would not close...pushed again, and I was thinking what in the world is going on now...I thought the wreath had come down and was somehow caught between the doors.  No, it was Bubbie.  He had not made a sound...but he was scared of me!  It had to have hurt. 

I unlocked the door, and held the screen open for him to go inside, but he would not risk going in till I went inside....and held the door open from there.  It really is a wonder I didn't hurt him.  So I call that Close Call #4....thought in reality I don't think he could have died from it.