Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rainbow, but no rain to speak of

We got just a little bitty sprinkle yesterday, though on our way to meet Sarah we went through actual rain. What a disappointment to come home to everything just as dry as when we left. We had a few drops later on in the evening--I happened to look out and notice the look to the sky. I went to look from the porch and this rain bow is what I saw.

So, we are still dry...and it was at 96ºF all afternoon. I hung out a load of Roger's t-shirts late this evening...they were out about an hour and were dry all except for where the clothespins were.
We have been having a few fresh tomatoes for a few first just one every now and then. Now there are a lot getting red. They are soooo good. I just cannot get all I want. Now, if I only had some fresh corn!