Friday, February 1, 2013


Lorelei went home yesterday...don't know if any of you heard about the big pile-up on I-70 but they had to just miss it. They had to sit for a while....not sure how they eventually got to go on home.  According to the local news last night, both sides were closed for 8 hours.  And I was just looking at another source--23 vehicles were involved in the westbound lanes and 17 in the eastbound lanes. Only one man is dead as a result of the crash, as far as I know.  And I think only 10-11 went to the hospital.

Add to that, at another spot on this same interstate, a semi slid off the road that was carrying elephants.  They had to unload the  elephants till the semi could pull itself out.  Can you imagine coming along and having to stop for elephants!

Anyway, very, very thankful that the Toot and Jeremy were not involved in the crashes.
I was trying to decide what to post here last night, and just so weary I didn't even try to get one ready.  I had no idea what I was going to post.  Then last night, on Greta Van Susteren show, her closing video was this about J.J. Watts:

 So I was telling Roger about it, and got on here to find it...lo and behold I came across this one...he won my heart with the one with the little girl...and then to find out that it is not uncommon for him to do something like just made it better! Watch and enjoy!