Monday, May 18, 2020

Another day, another iris...

I don't remember where this color came from...actually don't remember where half of them came from.  But I love them all...maybe not equally, but almost equally.

Another day with the first half spent trying to accomplish two medical calls, and am now waiting on another call.  But have a couple hours before it is due.

I have been out trying to pull a few weeds without getting down on my knees and find it is almost not worth it.  I was getting so dizzy part of the time that I was thankful to have the garage to lean against.  Funny how one minute it is fine and the next you just can't do it.  So, will be on my knees to do the rest..and that is a whole other set of issues.  Thank goodness I have a lot of strength in my arms.

Still having some other issues that I wish were over and done.  But will just have to live through it.  I am sort of learning not to let it get me down...I have been through it two other times before through the years and this is just another time to learn and go on.

The good news...I had been running a temp, it was not Covid 19...and I am on antibiotics.  The dr. said my sinuses and throat were really red, red...and I had fluid on both ears.  So with knowing that is all it was, maybe soon we will get to go see our girls' new homes.  And get to see our grandfurbabies.  Hopefully, will see Lorelei sometimes this week...she likes her new house but is wanting to come and stay with us.  I just have to talk to Sarah and see what we can work out.  We were all staying apart with me with the temp...or what I thought was a temp.

I got new thermometers, and yes, I did get more than one new one.  I tried to get one early on, but Walmart was out.  And while my old thermometer that is only about a year old still says I am running one, the new ones both read normal.  The funny thing, with the old one, I take mine and it is high, but take Roger's and his temp is normal.  So, still an oddity.  I have not taken his with the new ones.

I am leaving you with a little will warm your heart.

I hope you have a good week ahead...and that you are staying safe.  We are still staying close to home for the most part, unless we go for a little drive.