Thursday, June 11, 2009

I should have done these before now

Remember this post and this one...well, these photos were from the same farm. I really wonder how the falling down building above was used. The chimney intrigues me....was it their shop to work on things?
These are two views of the same the one above you can get a glimpse of the house and can tell it is on the same side of the road as the house and huge barn.
And the barn below was straight across the road from the one above. You just know at one time this was a very prosperous place to have all these buildings. One can't help but wonder was it a farm with a big family, or did they have hired hands?
I still long to know the real history of this place. I bet it was an interesting one.

More sky scenes....

The one above is one I meant to post when I took it...on May 30th--the day that Sarah called and told me to get my camera and find a place to get a view to the east. Some of them were posted May 30. Anyway, I like how the clouds are changing form, and then way to the east/southeast the watercolor look is taking affect.
Then these are from the other night at the strip pits...the sunset was wonderful. Followed by that big old moon.
I hate to think how many pictures of sunsets and sunrises I have....I keep telling myself I don't need to take more but I cannot resist when these scenes appear. I hope you enlarge them....they are even better then.