Sunday, July 26, 2020

Worth waiting for....

At last, at last....homegrown tomatoes!  First outside...I could not even see what was on the screen when I took the shots...this is cropped.  I took two or three shots and they all look basically the same.

I think they look redder against the white background.

I came right in, washed them off and cut them up.  Roger is letting his share get cold.  I have done eaten mine.  They were delicious.  I was so afraid with all the rain we had been having that they would not have much flavor.  One year, when I used to have about 20 plants, none had any flavor whatsoever.  They were pretty as a picture, but just tasted about like water.

And there is another big one getting ripe.  Maybe more than one.  I did not get down and check this one plant.  It is so very bushy that you cannot see what is growing on it.

Eating a tomato fresh from the garden takes me back to childhood about as fast as anything.  I don't remember ever not liking tomatoes.  But my nephew, Glen, who was the same age as me spent two or three summers with us.

We would play in the creek every day, and I do mean every day.  I swear I don't think we averaged missing a day per week.  Up in the afternoon before supper we would come in hungry and tired.  We would grab a tomato or two and the salt shaker.  Sometimes we just went and sat on the edge of the porch and ate them like an apple...but I think I sometimes sat at the table and cut mine up.  I cannot remember if Glen did or not.

I am getting ready to go in the sewing room...decide on something.  I think.

But I am reading High, Wide & Lonesome:  Growing up on the Colorado Frontier by Hal Borland.  I am almost done with it.  And I want to finish it but hate to see it end.  It is just their day to day life, written from his view when he was a kid.  And the hardships and joys.  It is well written...I got it when it was on sale for a couple dollars and consider it well spent.

I hope everyone stays save and has a good week ahead.