Thursday, August 22, 2013

Starting school

Our little munchkin started preschool today....she was scheduled to start on Tuesday but had a nasty cold and had to go to the doctor.  She was so sick that day that she didn't even mind not going.  By yesterday, she was feeling better and was upset because she couldn't go.  Remember she has been wanting to go to school forever...over a year at least, and maybe two.

This morn I got a call about 8:30...and I heard this 'MAMAW!'  She was so excited I could hardly understand a word she was saying.  They had left early to get there because they did not know how the traffic would be that time of morning, so it gave them time to chat with me a few minutes.

Sarah says shes been so wound up since she got home that she cannot get much out of her except that her teacher likes hugs....she had asked Sarah if her teacher would like them before she ever went in the school.  She did not mind Sarah leaving her at all.  Just happy as a clam.  I just hope she always enjoys school and looks forward to going.
We got a little shower of rain, but not enough to help anything.  This is the driest August we have had in years.  But things don't look bad...grass is still green, cornfields and beans are fine.  The creeks are getting low, but then they always do.
Roger's computer finally came today...I have spent the entire afternoon making recovery disks and putting on antivirus of my choice, etc.  While doing that I did some baking....just of box mixes.  I couldn't have kept my head together enough to bake from scratch.