Sunday, October 1, 2023

Hello Blog Friends

 I have been meaning to pop in and do a little post for ages...I would like to keep this blog alive if possible.  Maybe one of these days I will get back to blogging on a regular basis.  

Gus was here for a visit when the above was taken...when it is Copper with him, they are never still long enough for me to get a pic of them together.  They play and play, chasing each other, etc.

Things are still going good, Roger has had no more falls since the last time I posted...and is eating more than he did for a LONG time.

I am still sewing, just not very much.

I don't have room to put any more Boxed Squares on the wall, but probably have close to 200/250 more if I am remembering right.  I stay busy...Copper can be very entertaining.  I have also got them spoiled to wanting me to go outside with them when they go.  Which is fine now...I love sitting outside but winter will be another matter.   My daughter says they don't like to stay out in the cold, so that will work out okay I guess.

That is it for now...hoping to catch up with you in the next few days.