Saturday, August 29, 2009

A little garage

Yesterday when we went for the short drive, we came home in a round-about way on a road we had never been on before. A big portion of the drive was through wooded areas, and this little garage, as well as the home you don't see, was in a clearing. I just had to have a picture of this garage....just something about it is so appealing to me. Some people can take anything and make it so appealing that you have to take a second look.

Though the wreath with sunflowers on the side is what grabbed my attention, I really love the leaves laying on the wet roof. You can see them a bit better if you enlarge the picture. And I love that old gate leaning against the side. If I was a kid, I would want that place for my house!
I had Lorelei today...I really meant to get some new photos but instead I entertained her and she entertained me. Her Aunt Rachel was here this morn...she cannot take her eyes off Rachel when she is here. Just stares and stares and smiles if Rachel talks to her. Rachel was busy with something on line...she did try to hold her when she first got here but Lorelei was not wanting anyone but me. And I don't even really think it was that so much as maybe she had a bit of a tummy ache.

Then later, Kay and her little brother and one of her friends came over right before she went home, and she was all eyes and ears watching and listening to them. Their dog also came over, and she thought he was funny.

I think she is getting a bit more hair and she is definitely changing...I really wanted pictures to see if anyone else would see the change. Maybe next week I will get some...