Monday, July 28, 2008

I'll leave you with these....

I took the old dog for a short walk this morn down by the railroad and managed to get a couple or three photos that I really liked--the middle one shown here being one of them. These are supposed to keep your fingers crossed for me that they do because I have to get off here soon.
We were there once before but didn't get to do it justice so thought we would go back. We should be leaving here in a few hours...
You see, we will be celebrating. Come July 29th, this Tuesday in other words, we will be married 32 years. What is more, you won't believe this, but you can ask my brother Neal if it isn't a fact...we dated a month, decided on a Monday to get married on Thursday.

Roger and I worked at CBS, in different divisions and had actually said hi to each other about twice....that is no exaggeration. I thought he was sort of cute....and apparently he thought I was. I was dating someone else at the time. When we broke up, Roger asked me out. We have seen each other every day of our life since then with the exception of times he has had to be gone for work. And that hasn't been real often. The longest we were ever parted was for 3 weeks for his initial training for the job he just retired from.

I will sure miss seeing you guys...I will probably be back for SWF at the latest. I have photos I took a couple weeks ago that I haven't used. I have had other things going on or I could have had them scheduled but as you can see I am running out of time. And I haven't visited anyone hardly the past day or two.