Thursday, April 16, 2020

This and that....

This is early...I did not even realize it had was so limp yesterday morn from the cold, I did not know if it was going to survive.  I looked out this morn and seen this color, and could not figure it out till I went out there and saw it was actual buds.

Edited to add:  Granny Marigold ask what plant this is.  I think it is my Fritillaria.  I had never heard of them till I seen the bulbs last fall, so I bought a package and planted  it/them?  I cannot remember if it was a single bulb or if it had two or three.


This iron has been in use today....

I made this binding yesterday but did not fold in half and press till today.

Sorry about the shadows...but as I press it I fan-fold my binding.  Then when I sew it to the quilt, I have it down by my right side, usually in a drawer, and it unfolds without getting all tangled up and twisted.
I tried making a mask a new way...well the making of them is not the problem.  It is the comfort.  And you should have seen Roger trying to get it on.  Of course, he adds to the comedy by.  He will put it on, )or his CPap mask at night), and say, "Hey Baby,, how about a date?"  or "Aren't I a handsome devil?"  Thank God for his humor.  FYI, he would never say either of those things and mean them...this is totally him being funny.

I keep thinking we will go for a drive...but then I never follow through.  But I really could use some time out with nature.  I wish there were some good walking paths around here, but there isn't at all.  I hope everyone has a good weekend....