Saturday, October 5, 2019

A little update...

First, Roger got up and felt better yesterday.  I wanted to wait and see if he still felt better today before I posted an update.  He still stumbles easily.  It is sort of hard to explain.  If we are out somewhere, walking into the store or walking around in there, he doesn't do it.  It is just funny moments here at home....funny as in odd.  Not the ha-ha kind of funny.  And he is definitely not good bending over to do or anywhere.  But he has stayed up both yesterday and today.  So that is very good. 
The contractor sent the guy back out about the roof.  And the gutter part of the awning.  The hole in the gutter is old, and I agree with him about that.  But how it got there is more than I know.  I often sit on the porch if it rains, so I am positive that it had not been shooting back on the porch.  But he is going to try to stop it up with something.

It was one of this guy's men that had did the roofing.  Anyway, he is going to raise up the bottom part of the shingles and slide in a piece to extend it past the drip edge.  And going to redo around the exhaust from the furnace and see why that one spot is sunken.

So we shall see...but I do feel like he will try to do it right.   They are supposed to be out Monday to do it.
I hope you guys are having a good weekend....