Saturday, June 19, 2010

A church, I assume

On the way home, the other day we came to a four-way stop...thank goodness for that. I probably wouldn't have got this photograph if it hadn't. And it was not a place to stop and back up. I snapped this one and one other...but I so would like to go back and look at it again. Click and enlarge it to see it better.

I would love to know just how old it is and the history...I even wondered had it been a school. I tend to think it was a church because of the windows but whatever it was, I bet it would have tons of stories to tell if the walls could talk. Look at that tin roof...can you imagine a preacher trying to deliver his sermon with a hard rain or hail falling? If you have never been in a building with a tin roof, you don't know what you have missed.

I did not see a sign of any kind around it...weeds were growing up all around it. It just seemed to be in a sad state, but there is that dumpster beside it so maybe someone is trying to do something with it. I sure hope they are.

Now, take a good look at this church and go take a look at this picture posted by Don at Slackwater. It was taken by a friend of his...all I am going to say is that my mouth fell open when I saw it! I just cannot comprehend how it was built at the time it was built...I can't even comprehend starting the project this day and age. Later, after seeing it, I thought to google 'The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood,' then clicked images to see more detailed photos of the architecture. I was even more impressed after doing that.